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Warsaw and Her People

I went to Kraków and I bought myself this very interesting book on Warsaw:

Full title of the book goes: Warsaw and Her People.
Pictures were taken by Janusz Rosikoń, text and captions were written by Milena Dabić. Book was published in 1993 in Cracow.
At the first glance it seems to be just another tourist souvenir and it was probably intended to be one. It's in English, it has pictures of all the monuments and tourist sights... At the second glance it proves to be way more than this.

Most of the photographs look somewhat like this (please notice the column of police motorcycles):

"Nowy Świat, although a busy thoroughfare on many bus routes, is also Warsaw's most favoured promenade."

But among landscapes real pearls are hidden:

"Parents often go shopping with their children. Central streets are only deserted on Sundays and public holidays."

"Young lovers, even in the midst of noisiest traffic, know how to create their own world."

"Red is the traditional colour of Warsaw's public transport."

"The somewhat somnolent Saski Hotel on Bank Square becomes livelier in the summer, when Warsaw cafes and restaurants open their terraces."

"Warsaw women are famous for their beauty. They outnumber men 114 to 100."

Who would have thought 1993 was so long ago?

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ładna rzecz

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oJezu! Empik bez szmat!!!

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the way that young lovers do...

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fakt, kto by pomyslal ze Kevin zostal sam w domu pierwszy raz 16 lat temu.