sobota, 30 kwietnia 2011

As I Walk the Block to My Favorite Neon Sign

These are mostly old pictures, the weather is much much better now.

czwartek, 28 kwietnia 2011

Girls against Boys

An advertisement of a gym from "Intrepido" magazine, 1976.

I think sometimes I like looking at those old magazines/comic books/photographs better then actually taking pictures.
Expect way more reproductions like this one.

A call for help: the comments don't work and I've got no idea how to fix the problem. Has the same thing happened to anyone of you?
Any advice? Via e-mail. Thanks in advance. I like the comments.

Sokół i Marysia, take 2

piątek, 22 kwietnia 2011

1970 - 2011

Tim Hetherington is dead. He was killed in Misurata, Libya. You have probably read about it a million times already. It is a very sad news,
just as every death is a very sad news. In all this sadness let's not forget that Tim Hetherington was a professional war reporter and he simply
had to take the worst case scenario into account. He knew what he was stepping into going to Libya. War reporters do die. In general people in
war zones do die.

What seems strange to me is that when I read about Tim Hetherington's death I mostly read about the death of a 'war photographer' or of a 'war photojournalist'.
This is what the headlines tend to say. I think that his death is a good moment to realize how out of date the definitions we use are. It is truth,
he won World Press Photo (one of my favorite Pictures of the Year ever) but he also made a movie that was nominated for the Academy Award.
Which of those is more important and what should define him? None. He was neither a photographer nor a filmmaker, he was a modern day war reporter
doing it all and asking himself no questions. He had a story to tell and photography was just one of the media he used. This is the direction most of us
should be heading. I don't mean war, I mean asking no such questions and just telling your story.

Here is a quote from the NYT Lens blog interview Tim Hetherington gave after the premiere of "Restrepo": - We live in a post-photographic world.
If you are interested in photography, then you are interested in something — in terms of mass communication — that is past. I am interested
in reaching as many people as possible.
And another one: - If we are interested in the outside world and making images of it and
translating it and relaying it to as many people as possible, then in some ways the traditional photographic techniques are really not important.

So simple, so true.

The video above is a 'Diary' of a war correspondent Hetherington had put together after 10 years on the frontline. Devastating.

The Old Firms

The play-offs are on. This season I am hoping for the classic, 'old firms' struggles.
Like Knicks vs. Celtics which is unfortunately probably (practically) gonna end tonight, or Bulls vs. Celtics which is hopefully coming in a couple of weeks.
Rose vs. Rondo, just imagine that.

This picture is from the LOC archive. It was taken in the year 1960 by Wm. C. Greene for New York World-Telegram.
The caption says: Celtic star Bob Cousy dribbling basketball the length of the court, outrunning N.Y. Knick's rookie, Bob McNeil, during game.

niedziela, 17 kwietnia 2011

From Garibaldi to Centrale

Accidental double exposures from a good good night.

sobota, 16 kwietnia 2011

Some Things Never Change

Na przykład stylówa wuefistów.
Na 1:00 zaczyna się najlepsze - przewrót w przód na skrzyni.

piątek, 15 kwietnia 2011


Dzisiaj w Warszawie w Powiększeniu, jutro w Krakowie w Łaźni Nowej.
Szczegóły u Front Row Heroes. A na plakacie moje zdjęcie, nogi Cypriana i literki mojego brata.

sobota, 9 kwietnia 2011

Sokół i Marysia

My promo shoot for their upcoming LP.
Appears there is something universal about hugs.

Michael, Marcin, Steve

Monika has bought me "Half Life" from Michael Ackerman. I am loving this book, it's even better than "Fiction".
I am far from taking this kind of images but I think there's something good about them.
'Good" as in 'good vs. evil'. I like this goodness.

And then Marcin Gortat broke his nose on Steve Nash's back and they gave this hilarious video interview.
I made a screenshot and I found these images to have a lot in common.

Gli Alinari

Yesterday we went to Genova, again. I was taking pictures, none of them half as good as this one from Fratelli Alinari.

poniedziałek, 4 kwietnia 2011

Na wyścigach wyścigowych

W nowym "Playboyu", na rozpoczęcie sezonu, robiony jesienią materiał o służewieckich dżokejach.
Nie o zakładach i "klimacie", ale o dżokejach, dżokejkach i romantycznym wyścigowym backstage'u.
Trzeba było wstawać bardzo wcześnie, ale lubię tak pracować. Po prostu robić proste zdjęcia.
Nigdy wcześniej nie fotografowałem koni, są bardzo fotogeniczne.
Tekst reportażu Dominik Rutkowski.

An outtake from a little reportage about jockeys from the Warsaw's Służewiec racing track that I did for the Polish edition of "Playboy" magazine.
I had to wake up really early a couple of times but it was worth it. I simply love taking this kind of simple pictures.
I had never photographed horses before, they are very photogenic.

niedziela, 3 kwietnia 2011

Nouveau Western

Salve Sig.ra

An outtake/test shot from a thing that is going on.