czwartek, 29 października 2015

Z wizytą

Candelaria Saenz Valiente i Marcin Masecki dla Zwykłego Życia.
Ulubiony gatunek zleceń: odwiedzić kogoś w domu/miejscu pracy, spędzić z nim czas i po prostu sfotografować.
A jeżeli tego kogoś się lubi i szanuje, to już w ogóle.

We Were Tourists For a While

niedziela, 25 października 2015

Motor City Rap

I know this track is not new, I know people in the know have already heard it three years ago.
I've heard it first last week and I needed music like that.
I wouldn't call it old school, I'd say it's timeless.
It helps me through October.

sobota, 17 października 2015

Grupa Krovi

Szutrowe drogi, w głośnikach Kino, w grobach żołnierze Bitwy Gorlickiej.
Andrzej Stasiuk w Wołowcu i okolicach dla Esquire.

Writer Andrzej Stasiuk for the Polish edition of Esquire.

Napule è

One of the most touching songs of all times and my new vernacular youtube favorite (it's quite long but it's worth it!).

PS. Klip do "Napule è" to fragment filmu "Passione" Johna Turturro. Cały film z polskimi napisami i na pełnym legalu można zobaczyć na Ninatece.

poniedziałek, 12 października 2015

Teenage Riot

The first photo is by Chris Killip.
It comes from "In Flagrante", the book which I regard as one of the most amazing bodies of work in the whole history of photography.
Oi! band The Angelic Upstarts are performing at a miner's benefit dance at the Barbary Coast Club in Sunderland.

The second photo is by LivinCool's Emanuele D'Angelo.
It depicts the crowd at Virgil Abloh's Off White show afterparty at the Silencio club in Paris.

When I saw Emanuele's shot I couldn't stop myself from thinking about Chris Killip's one.
I also remembered Virgil's tweet about Travis Scott, saying that what he does is "punk music during our lifetime".
I realize that this is not a Travis Scott's gig, but I don't think it would visually change that much.
It's been about two week since I first saw this photo and it is still digging a hole in my brain.

I think these two shots together sum up a lot of what is happening in the world at the moment.

Everything is the same and everything is different.

Analog b&w vs. digital b&w.
Miner's benefit dance vs. fashion show after party.
Band t-shirts vs. logo t-shirts.
No phones vs. smartphones.
So on vs. so forth.

And it's not like one thing is real and the other one is fake.
I think they're both equally real/fake/artificial/socially constructed.
There's nothing wrong about it.

The sweat is the same and that natural urge to be together when the music is loud is the same too.

piątek, 9 października 2015

In the Real Life


czwartek, 8 października 2015

Circle and Some Triangles

Light at Shiatzy Chen.

Ragazza da Parigi

A cross-over track to sum up the fashion marathon: the most milanese song possible sung by a parisian singer.
It's over, let's go hooomee!

poniedziałek, 5 października 2015

No Logo

Posters in Tuileries and a lunch with Jonathan.

Young Dogs On A Number 7 Train