wtorek, 13 września 2016

Some Things Don't Change

Some things just don't have to.

piątek, 9 września 2016

American Housing

So we've just finished watching "Stranger Things".
We grew up in the 80s, we speak this visual language, we loved it.

About four years ago I had this period when I was rewatching all the 80's teenage classics, I wanted to see them again as an adult.
One of the things I loved about the films was the vision of American suburban or small town life they depicted, wishful social documentary happening in the background.
Houses, cars, posters on the walls, bikes, sweatshirts and all the other cultural artefacts that have shaped my taste and aspirations.
I started taking pictures of this world, I've never showed them and now I feel is the time to share.

PS. I've never seen "Stand By Me", I have to.

Lucky Boy

Wojtek in Warsaw.
New things coming.