środa, 30 września 2015

Light These Days, Light These Evenings

Espressos and scooters.
Dham, Vanni and Mehdi.

The Last Lap

The fashion marathon is almost coming to an end. After London and Milan the caravan (me included) has arrived in Paris.
I have to carry my big pro camera all the time and apart from shooting street style and backstage I take some 'normal' images too.
The laundry is drying, baguettes are all around.
I like how 'not special' on the post production level these images look. I am really into 'not special'.

wtorek, 15 września 2015

Monika "Jac" Jagaciak

Dla "i-D".
Brzozy zawsze spoko.

poniedziałek, 14 września 2015

Late Summer Blues

It's simple and it works.
It looks like The Arcs are going to be a significant part of our Autumn soundtrack (along with "Fireman Sam" theme song).

poniedziałek, 7 września 2015

White Shoes

I am still dealing with the backlog and I must say I am enjoying this a lot.
Here we go with another random bit.

wtorek, 1 września 2015

15 from Pitti

Pitti Uomo in Florence is the epitome of a neverending struggle between amazing and not really amzing.
Sometimes the line is thin.
And if your're asking yourself, this tattoo is real.

As usually for WWD.