poniedziałek, 5 grudnia 2011

Six Handshakes Theory

Wojtek Kocołowski told me about a fascinating documentary he had seen. The movie tells a story of Ion Barladeanu, a Romanian homeless
who became an art-world celebrity. During Ceausescu era he used to make naive pop collages, when the system fell he lost his job and started
living in the street. In 2008 a young gallery from Bucharest discovered him and the world career started. The movie won Emmy, here is a trailer.

In March 2008 I had an exhibition in Ha'Art gallery in Bucharest. Dan Popescu, owner of the place had just met a crazy beggar who had a briefcase
full of incredible political collages. The portfolio was his treasure. Dan brought him to the gallery when we were mounting the exhibition, they talked
in Romanian, so I couldn't understand a thing. When they were finished I made two portraits of this Hank Chinasky impersonation.

And now I google mr. Barladeanu and I find a picture of him chatting with Angelina Jolie.
Mr. Barladeanu, Dan - congartulations!

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wapel pisze...

Niezła historia! Pamiętam to zdjęcie - myślałem, że pan jest z tektury czy innego papier-mache. Cos było na rzeczy. Widać zawsze jesteś tam, gdzie trzeba:)

cmazarski pisze...

a niech mnie, Martin Parr.

pruzky pisze...

Świetne story.