sobota, 4 kwietnia 2009

A Little Bit of Whining

Owners of Warsaw's concept stores 'Horn & More' and 'RS2' photographed for 'VIVA! Moda'.

It's pretty common, it happens every so often. You're happy with the pictures you took and you're waiting to see them in print. The pictures aren't your best ever, but you think they're decent. Then the moment comes. You open the magazine, you look at your photos and you wish they had not been credited with your name. That's photographer's life, one has to get used to it.

How can you deal with the issue?
1. You can grab your money and run.
2. You can start a blog, post your pictures in the way you'd want them to be seen and hope it's going to be better next time.

3 komentarze:

Anonimowy pisze...

That's everyone's life, everyone have to get used to it.

dot pisze...

hehh, podobne rzeczy zdarzaja sie z tekstami. okroją ci artykul i nagle traci on totalnie ten najistotniejszy sens, ktory tak chciałes przekazac...

Sylvv pisze...

eeeeee, trzeba walczyć!!!!!