czwartek, 16 kwietnia 2009

Robert Frank Is The Man

This is a contact sheet of a film Robert Frank exposed in New Orleans on the 11th of January 1955. It makes one think, to say the least.
Iconic pictures of a racially segregated tram (frame no. 16) and of a bald guy in the 'lonely city crowd heading nowhere' (frame no. 13) were only two shots away from each other. Both of them were single takes. Respect. These times are never coming back.

I wish I could go to Washington and see this show at the National Gallery of Art. I hope one day they'll bring this exhibition to Europe.

W "Tygodniku" jest fajny tekst Magdaleny Rittenhouse o Franku. W internecie jest tylko zajawka, trzeba skoczyć do kiosku i kupić papier. Warto.

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pewnie niedługo kioski z gazetami poumierają :(( ale mam nadzieję, że się mylę.